Senior Frontend Engineer

West Jakarta City, Jakarta
Work Type: Full Time

Senior Frontend Engineer implements the user interface and engineers the experience of every site/software being put out by the business. The Senior Frontend Engineer also builds out patterns and abstractions that emphasize the efficiency of sites/software.  

Job Responsibilities

  • Design and development of user friendly, high quality web-based user interfaces in collaboration with a User Experience Design team.
  • Work as part of an Agile/SCRUM team.

  • Build the front-end foundation of our new software product and establishing standards for the team that will be assembled to continue development long term.

  •  Translate user stories and user cases into functional code and new features.
  • Continually improve skills and expand product domain knowledge.

Job Requirements

  • Expertise on front-end technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.
  • Proficiency with code versioning tools -- specifically Git and Github.

  • Extensive knowledge of ReactJS and working with a design system.

  • Experience with React Hooks and State Managment.

  • Experience with Next.js and Typescript is a plus

  • Adequate understanding of relevant technologies including HTTP, RESTful APIs, JSON, JWT, CORS, websockets, npm, SPA, application routing, webpack, browser development tools (both local and remote).

  • Able to make technical decision based on current data and information with feasibility factored in (delivery time, trade off, costs, quality etc)

  • Good communication in English.

  • Commitment to lifelong learning.

Category: Senior Staff

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