Business Intelligence Lead

Work Type: Full Time

We are looking for Business Intelligence Lead, responsible for developing and governing our data and information strategy in order to drive business decisions and growth


    Ensures that the business in its various departments understands its own health, finds growth levers, and identifies opportunities for optimization

    Leads the business through all efforts that drive business performance and potential by using the existent and new data sources and techniques

    Develop data procedures and policies, and work closely with various departments to collect, prepare, organize, protect and analyze data assets while ensuring that the company meets industry best practices.

    Leading inter-disciplinary teams, improving and streamlining data systems within the company, and driving innovation

    Designing and implementing data strategies and systems

    Implementing data privacy policies and complying with data protection regulation


    At least 3 Year(s) of working experience in Business Intelligence, Data or Analytics industry and managing a team is a must

    Must demonstrate a passion for research and data and be highly skilled in performing quantitative analyses on various business functions

    Must be highly skilled in the use of SQL, being able to draw complex queries that ultimately lead to improvements in business performance

    Proficient in the workings of data technologies such as Big Query, airflow, sisense.

    Knowledge of relevant applications, big data solutions, and tools

    The candidate for this position will additionally have an understanding of A/B testing as well as vast knowledge in the identification of key metrics that measure and drive long-term health of the business

    Will be self-motivated, be proactive taking initiative and going beyond his call of duty, be helpful and service-oriented, have exceptional problem-solving skills, work comfortably in a cross-functional setting

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